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#30 – Little Green Orchids : How to improve your title tags ?

Capture d’écran 2014 03 03 à 18.00.41 #30   Little Green Orchids : How to improve your title tags ?

Capture d’écran 2014 03 03 à 18.01.05 #30   Little Green Orchids : How to improve your title tags ?

Problem: Your Home page hasn’t followed the recommended HTML tag order (firstly a H1 tag then H2 tags and H3 tags without skipping any step). It is recommended to have only one H1 tag without any hyperlink inserted in it, which is not done in your case.

Solution: Your entry titles are placed in H1 tags so modify your edition zone text of your Index page (located in your website administration).  These entry titles should be placed in H2 tag’s text zones and only your page’s principal subject should be chosen as H1 tag.

The H1 tag is one of the most important elements in a content’s SEO optimization procedure. A page’s content is crucial for its positioning and naturally it should have one, two, three or even more strategic key phrases. The most important key phrases should be situated before the less important ones.

However you should have only one H1 tag per page (since it’s the page’s heading tag) and it is not advised to have hyperlinks in it.

As a book’s summary, your HTML tag order helps search engines to understand your website’s structure. It is important to respect HTML tag order: a good headline with a good numbering.

You can fix these problems and come back to us later to improve your SEO

Note: One all improvements are done, we will be able to help you to correct more specific errors in order to optimize your SEO. Our project manager is available for you onTwitterGoogle+ or Facebook! And don’t forget that it’s free!


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