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MKT FREE #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

By Erwan MILBEOLeave a comment

10 years ago I created by my own my SEO agency: MKT Lines.

agence seo mktlines rennes2 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

Recently, I completed a share transfer agreement of 50/50 associated with Jean Michel (lawyer, accountant and financial expert, Trader …).

Since then, the agency has evolved.

MKT Lines currently counts more than over 20 collaborators of 8 different nationalities (we expect to be more than 50 before summer) and about one hundred independent SEO experts consultants worldwide.

 mktlines international1 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

We have just completed an important fund raising in order to achieve our IT objectives and to conforme to market’s developments.

In this context, we decided to make available to everyone a dedicated SEO consulting service, 100% free of charge : MKT #SEO FREE!

 Capture d’écran 2014 02 26 à 11.04.27 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

At the moment, through social media, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, we offer 100% free SEO advices and recommendations worldwidewhich are specific to every site. Our 10 year expertise is now available on a ONE TO ONE service without you needing to spend a single penny. 100% FREE « on demand » services provided !

This service is provided by SEO experts and replaces any SEO agency or SEO service consultant.

It’s free and suitable for all website users wishing to boost their SEO without spending any money.

Advice and recommendations are suitable for both beginners and advanced level users. Even web agencies !


Why pass from a SEO Expert mode to an offer of 100% Free ?

As previously mentioned, SEO gradually loses its value and Google makes efforts to fight against the « reverse engineering » (Dances, PR, TR, Panda, Pinguin, Hummingbird, etc …) clearly giving a meaning to our agency’s approach. Save your money!

Get free and directadvice concerning your web marketing strategy.
The success of your website can be found somewhere else! This is something we bring up to interlocutors…

The difference with a SEO forum is huge!
We are an agency with a big sense of customer relationship.
In MKT FREE #SEO there are no « sufficient nor pretentious guidelines « there’s no arrogant tone. We pay attention, offer empathy, politeness, share, humor, and above all, we provide direct relationships between experts and users.

The atomization of SEO markets has given rise to many so called » consultant experts  » often inexperienced bloggers whom from day to night dare to publish uneven and incomplete articles and a lot of “expert” books. All this, ends upgetting not a single response from users like you, who just need to change their SEO without having to spend a lot of time with useless information. Moreover, the level of information is so diluted and uneven, that it relies on articles with a fake name by bloggers, « consultants » or web agencies without any experience, which also appear at a risk of being very expensive.


We can change this for you !

For the past 10 years, MKT Lines has provided thousands of SEO services for its clients.

We have optimized millions of URLs always respecting Google’s and other search engine’s instructions, and have never experienced any indexation site! QED!

You can trust our service. Plus, it’s free!


How does it work?

It is too simple. You ask us your question (simple or complex) 24h/24.

We provide you with a clear, precise and personalized answer to your problem.

Capture d’écran 2014 02 26 à 12.17.15 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

Capture d’écran 2014 03 03 à 17.08.111 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

Capture d’écran 2014 02 27 à 15.40.131 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

You get for FREE these specific AND professional services:

  • Audit
  • Strategy
  • Environment and Competition
  • Recommendations for technical and editorial optimizations
  • Tracking your engine rankings
  • Track your traffic
  • Etc …

Capture d’écran 2014 02 26 à 11.39.34 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!


Last weekend we decided to put our service to the test andreceived the first questions from our users.
Let me show you the testimonials of our initial responses:

Capture d’écran 2014 03 10 à 18.04.21 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

Capture d’écran 2014 02 26 à 11.55.09 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE! 

Capture d’écran 2014 02 26 à 11.36.11 MKT FREE  #SEO: 1 high level service, dedicated and 100% FREE!

It is your turn to change the indexing of your pages and the position of your website in search engines! We are official CMS contributors for WordPress, Magento, Joomla and PrestaShop. We are able to answer any question concerning these tools in an appropriate and professional way.

Our team consists of developers and engineers with a broad knowledge of computer,web and mobile language!


So why wait ?

Ask NOW your questions about the following media and join the first SEO expert community that tells you all there is to know about everything without paying!
MKT FREE #SEO is here:

Join the community!
Seen you soon!
Happy SEO,


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